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"South Carolina is my home, and I am stepping up to fight for her and for you. As your representative, I will work every day to make sure women and children are safe in our state. I will commit to economic solutions that benefit everyone, such as attainable housing and environmental preservation.

It is time for South Carolina to have leaders who work for all the people. I’m Kate Creech, and I am running to be your next representative for South Carolina House District 120."
South Carolina ranks 49th among 50 states for elected women serving in state government, and it shows in the policy priorities of our legislature. Instead of addressing rising maternity and infant mortality rates, childhood poverty, and worst-in-the-nation violent crime statistics, our legislators are focused on fighting culture wars no one can win.
Protect the women and children of South Carolina
  • Reproductive Rights:  I will fight for women's right to choose what is best for their own bodies and lives.

  • LGBTQ+ Rights:  I will advocate for the rights and protections of our LGBTQ+ community.

  • Gun Safety:  I will work to implement common sense gun reform to protect our children and keep our communities safe.

Maintain and improve our Lowcountry way of life

  • Climate Solutions:  I will focus on economically sustainable ways to improve the current state of our beautiful Lowcountry way of life.

  • Affordable Housing:  I will work to establish affordable housing options so people can live where they work.

  • Responsible Economic Development:  I will support investing in our infrastructure, intentional climate-conscious development, and economic growth that benefits the people who live and work in South Carolina.

Support public education

  • Free School Lunches:  I support the free school lunch program. it is crucial that we feed our students so they can succeed academically.

  • Freedom to Read:  I strongly support intellectual freedom. All should have the opportunity to have access to texts that reflect the world around us and the experiences we share. 

  • Pro-Teacher:  I stand with the teachers of South Carolina, who deserve autonomy, respect, and a salary that reflects the efforts they expend and the role they play in our society.

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